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infos - workshop: (suitable for all ages)

kids wearing funny jesters hats, throw juggling balls, stroll around town on cool tin can stilts, throw devil stick up in the air, bring funky rhytms to town using their own musical instruments, colour the roads with their selfmade chalks..

in a relaxed and cosy atmosphere (soft blankets, cuddly pillows and funny decoration) kids are experiencing a direct aproach to the field of streetart,
keeping up the sparkles of creativity and improvisation.
with funny ideas and materials such as ballons, sand, tins, bells, strings, bike tubes, water, kitchen roles, paper cups, gitterstones, cartonboxes,...
we´re making our own and unique jesters euipment and
learn to juggle.

lucy lynn´s craft workshops are suitable for streeart / jester/ buskerfestivals,schools, integretion work with disabled children ,... and any other occasion where you like to offer an unique, creative and funny children animation.
i so much enjoy working with kids - they are full of great sparkling ideas.. 




workshops held in more than 20 int. countries
particpated in social cultural events
eg: festival gallejero del cleta - mexico 
spark circus project - thailand 

streetperformers, streetmusic and folkfestivals - eg: 
buskerfest skopje, bydgoszfestival poland, staranzano busker festival, feldkircher gauklerspektakel, festival der straßenkunst haslach, zookünstler münster, martesana in piazza, festival fantastika, pflasterklang schweinfurt, festival del rue, tree of life festival,.. and many more


Lucy Lynn

born 1979 in austria,
touring life since 2002
languages: english, german, italian
studies of psychology, training for cultural eventmanagement,
attended courses for clowning, body language and artistic expression
skills: juggling, devilsticks, pois, magic, guitar and ukulele playing,..







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